Yule Gratitude


I offer my deep (if slightly belated) thanks to all who participated in our Winter Solstice Rite last week. I was moved by the strong communal spirit engendered as we searched for Lugus, the Child of Light with Epona leading the way. The messages we received at the Three Gates of Fire, Well and Tree promised blessings of magic, healing, fertility grounded in the Earth with guidance from the Ancestors—I would be grateful to any and all who would share their impressions of the omen and the work of the rite!

On the day after our ritual, I delivered the physical remains of our offerings to a special spot near our oak tree on the Great Hill. Afterwards, I wandered about the park, feeling more and more in a liminal state of mind, time and place. I had an experience that evaded my conscious mind until I was drifting off to sleep later that evening. Although difficult to describe, I wanted to share that the connection we, as a Grove, have formed with the Kindreds and the Other Worlds is strong, vital, and expanding… I am certain that there is much WE will discover as we journey together through the year to come.

Blissings, all!

Carraig (Peter Coughlin)

Senior Druid, Inis Úll - Apple Isle Grove, ADF