Summer Solstice Rite Gratitude

Thanks to all who participated in Inis Úll’s  Summer Solstice High Day rite: Bandia na Gréine.

It was quite an interesting ritual; and I must say that I’m still processing it. Clearly, the sense of something hindering Lachna was confirmed in more ways that one: three people who were scheduled to take important roles were too sick to attend; two others had unusual delays in getting to the site; one person who wanted to attend could neither find us nor be found by us; clouds attempted to block the Sun during the reception of blessings, which were carried by the Sun’s rays…

The journey to Lachna’s sacred site produced some enticing details, and the omen was positive. I’m hoping we’ll be able to learn more from the Scribe’s report when that becomes available. I’ll say this much: from the original vision, I had an inkling which I kept to myself; however, at this point, I feel I should say that I believe the Morrígan has some part to play in this mystery. Lugh may also be involved and, possibly, Brigid.

It was a powerful experience for me – and one which I think may have long-term implications for the Grove.

Blessings of the Shining Ones upon you all!