Spring Gratitude!

Greek Temple in Spring


Φίλους μου!

Thank you all so much for the wonderful Vernal Equinox celebration this past weekend! The “Spring cleaning” of the Thargelia was as appropriate as it was needed. I do believe that Apollo and Artemis and all the Hellenic Kindreds were well pleased by our devotions. Certainly, the omen indicated that they wanted us to join them on the great working adventure that this Spring can be - a welcome invitation!


I was honored to be able to carry the physical aspects of our offerings to a place where the Kindreds, especially those of Nature, could take full possession of them. For this, I started at our usual ritual Oak on the Great Hill, where I did a bit Spring cleaning of some trash. There are places nearby where we often leave our Grove offerings, but I felt drawn to process to the Elm which served as the World Tree for our previous Hellenic rite at last year’s Summer Solstice. Behind that tree is a semi-wild area in which I found a hollow tree stump that seemed willing to accept our sacrifices. I poured them in, lit some incense, prayed to the Kindreds and scattered some almonds for the locals. It was quite magical and I felt strongly that those we have worshipped wished us to know that they appreciated our efforts.

Many thanks in particular to Mario for putting his expertise to great use in the rite! And congratulations to him as well for making his Dedicant Oath!

Ευλογίες σε όλους Μήλο Νήσο!

A few of the celebrants from our Vernal Equinox Thargelia