From the Scribe's pen...

Bright greetings Druids!

We must all congratulate ourselves for the reward of becoming a fully recognized grove by the Mother Grove of Ár nDraíocht Féin! The Wheel of Time will have completed its fourth revolution this Samhain, from when our grove celebrated its first ritual. My how we have grown!

I was not personally around at the beginning of this journey, so I feel very honored to be given this position within the structure of our organization. When I came to Inis Ull for the first time, I was on very shaky ground spiritually and each one of you have been an integral part of my own personal path, helping me to find fertile ground to develop roots. For this, I am very grateful. It also needs to be stated that I recognize the faith and trust that has been placed in me by the grove in electing me to a position of leadership. So to demonstrate the efforts which have been taken on your behalf, please allow me to preambulate through a description.

You will notice that you are reading this message on our very own website. Conferring within the executive committee, a consensus was reached that as a grove there is significant logic to have our own domain of digital information; this easily lends itself to interpretation as an extension of the works performed in ritual claiming sovereignty over the land. As fortune would have it, being well acquainted with modern information technology allows me to be of service in guiding us through this particular transition. Here is what I have established on the website already:

  • there are forums for discussion
  • there are social networking aspects to develop community
  • a blog for writings from officers & members
  • a central place for events to be created, managed and promoted

and here is an outline of the efforts which I aim to complete by the end of my term, Samhain 2013:

  • transferring the archives of rituals from the Yahoo Group
  • addressing any technical issues which arise from usage
  • creation of a new mailing list
  • establish topics in the forums around Virtues & High Days

"But what can I do?" you might ask. That's very awesome of you. You can register an account here. By default your username will be used as public identity rather than your full name. You can participate in discussions about events, virtues, blog posts and add photos, songs, videos, etc. And if you can't you can ask me to investigate the reason, and I will fix that! :-) Members of the grove can write blog posts; it will be particularly interesting to read about their experiences in ritual, on the Dedicant Path or other course of study. Submissions of Bardic works will be greatly appreciated as will any stories which arise from the daily association with any of The Kindred.

In my mind, this website is a tool, a nexus of communication, which will allow us to have control over the changes and growth which our grove will experience over the next couple of revolutions of the wheel. This will be a process for all of us to participate in so any visions which you have about our direction, please share them so we can all work together.

From beneath the shady oaks,

.:sage the scribe:.