Samhain Gratitude

Pictures of attendees
A few of the ritual voyagers.

Thanks to all seventeen corporeal folk who participated in our Samhain rite, “Turas Gan Am,” this past Saturday. It was certainly a beautiful day with weirdly warm weather contrasting the Central Park peak color foliage. I found the triskele walking meditation-journey-spell to be extremely powerful: traveling into the timeless space between the years with the Dagda as guide left me feeling changed in ways I cannot yet fully express or even understand. The omen promised a strongly positive, Divine Feminine force to help us as we undertake our task for the dark time: we are called to delve into that which seems negative, frightening, destructive to find that which is healing and transformative within. Challenging work! Let us take it on together as a Grove and support each other heart, mind, body, and spirit. Blissings all!