Puck, Our Brother

Puck (bottom row, center) at his first Inis Ull rite.

Dear friends,

As many of you know already, our Grove and the broader Pagan community have suffered a tremendous loss this past week. A great spirit of joy, enthusiasm, open-mindedness, intelligence, compassion, playfulness and much needed common sense has crossed over from our world to the next. Puck, also known as Zan Fraser, had been my friend long before he came to grace us with his presence (and I mean that literally) at our rites and meetings. Although we both lived in New York City, I first met Puck at the Starwood Festival. Starwood is an event full of many amazing, magical, creative people; but even there, Puck managed to stand out. From the first, he made a deep impression on me and I was truly honored to get to know him better from year to year. In this past cycle through the Wheel, Puck had become even more involved with Inis Úll; he helped create many of our rites and he always steered us towards ever greater connection with the diverse Pagan body of our city. Puck was never one for RSVPing; more often then not, I’d look up and see him headed across the top of the Great Hill, a smile on his face…

This is time of sorrow for us. We must not deny that. We must grieve. I’ll be honest and admit that I am still in shock over Puck’s passing - it seems so unreal. Let us help each other. Let us look to each other and offer to listen, to share, to help in whatever ways we can. Puck was tireless in his efforts to create community. Can we all do a bit more to help further that goal in Puck’s honor? I think he would be pleased – and I think he will be pleased. Puck is with the Kindreds, after all. Not gone. Just differently here – yes, radically so. But, never-the-less, here.

And speaking of here, in case you don’t all know it, I feel blessed to be here with each and every one of you. Perhaps Puck’s greatest gift was that he could so elegantly express such a sentiment without even saying a word.

May the Kindreds guide Puck on his journey. And may greater love, joy and contentment find him wherever he may be!

- Carraig