Lughnasadh - A Wonderful Blessing!


Inis Úll’s Lughnasadh High Day rite, Lugh agus an Stór, proved to be a wonderful success! I am filled with gratidude for those who came, for the Great Kindreds, and especially for Lugh, himself! Of course, an extra special thanks must go to Crom Dubh, who turned the predicted bad weather into a truly lovely day!

The omen was quite interesting, in that it spoke strongly of a balance of feminine and masculine energies. The blessing made that balance a reality within us as individuals and as a Grove. From that state, the active (Shakti-like) Goddess energy (think of Brigid’s power gushing up through the Well) will flow through us, assuaging any stubbornness or agressiveness connected with the treasure ammassed by the masculine Crom Dubh (and, in other contexts, Taranis) that Lugh has liberated and shared with us. The Goddess energy shall bring that bounty to life and it shall grow. Additionally, surprise gifts seem to be in store for us.

The connection with Brigid in the Omen (especially considering that her High Day lies directly across in the Wheel of the Year) sent a message that we are to get moving on our relationship with her. More will be said on this, but consider the conversation both open and exigent.

Also important, when we called upon Manannán mac Lir to aid us as Gatekeeper, he sent me a pretty strong message that he’d like the Grove to perform a ritual in his honor (which we have not yet done). This ritual could be either a High Day or some other rite. Those of us in attendance pledged that we would carry out his wishes within a year.

Thanks and blessings of Lughnasadh to all