Let's take Halloween

small dragon puppet
small dragon puppet sourced from dishingart.blogspot.com

Calling all Druids, Witches and Pagans!

We humbly offer our service to the pagans and community at large.

There were a couple of us who marched in the Gay Pride Parade with the Pagan Pride Project. At completion of the route, everyone expressed great pleasure at being involved in this amazing event. There were also plenty of people who said, "It's too bad we have to wait until next year."

But we don't have to wait! We can and should march together in the Village Halloween Parade.

This is a huge event. Hundreds of thousands of costumed ghouls march as individuals and groups. There are lots of bands, DJs and floats. This is a huge party through the streets of the West Village that perhaps is one of the best examples of The Wild Hunt which exists in North America; there is international live streaming video. It is also immense amounts of fun.


What can I do?

You can show of the night of the parade, best to get there before 7 PM if you want to find us.


You can show up at one of our planning meetings where we come up with a strategy for distinguishing ourselves. This year's theme is Revival, after all last year's parade was cancelled after The Cailleach unleashed Hurricane Sandy on our region. The organizers of the parade are also looking to honor superheroes-those people who throw themselves into helping others not the ones licensed by Marvel or DC Comics.

We have floated the idea of crafting a large dragon puppet. This could serve as a rally point on the night and also be a powerful symbol for our group. Any ideas are welcome. Our first planning meetup for this will be Thurs 12 Sept at 7pm