Celebrate the Birth and Return of Sol Invictus


Join us to celebrate the birth and return of Sol Invictus, the Unconquered and Unconquerable Sun! We will be hosting our Roman ritual via Zoom, and will incorporate games, easily played on-line, into our Winter Solstice ritual. Feel free to bring cake, cookies, or cupcakes to celebrate!

Our style of ritual is open, so come and go as you please; no circle is cut. We encourage folks to participate, but join in the festivities at the level you feel comfortable.

Feel free to bring offerings to the Shining Ones (Deities, Ancestors, and Nature Spirits).

We haven’t asked for donations while on Zoom, but we always welcome donations to the Grove. Donations go to the overall running and maintenance of the Grove, including maintaining our website. Food pantries are still not accepting food stuffs, so we ask that you donate money or other acceptable items to a food pantry of your choice. The food pantry Inis Ull usually donates to is West Side Campaign Against Hunger. This is of course completely voluntary. You are still welcome if you can't contribute any material goods.

Zoom link: https://us02web.zoom.us/j/84415605184?pwd=Q2t5QzFOOWFCL3pXem9zNDhuMjBtQT09