Hecate's Guidance: Autumn Equinox


Join Inis Ull Apple Island Grove as we celebrate the Autumn Equinox with the Goddess Hecate. It is she who can traverse between the worlds, and is the companion and escort of Persephone, Queen of Hades who must spend the winter in the underworld and comes back to our world each spring.

Is these strange times of the ongoing pandemic, we don’t know what the winter will be like, so we are asking for Hecate’s guidance as we begin to move to the darker half of the year.

Many of us are already vaccinated, though we encourage people to wear masks and social distance. People can choose to take off their masks once we start if they stay far enough apart. This is a small gathering, but all are welcome, and we will adjust to stay safe if the group is larger.

Our style of ritual is open, so come and go as you please; no circle is cut. We encourage folks to participate, but join in the festivities at the level you feel comfortable.

Feel free to bring offerings to the Shining Ones (Deities, Ancestors, and Nature Spirits). If they are alcoholic please keep them in a bag or concealed container.

We haven’t asked for donations while on Zoom, but we always welcome donations to the Grove. Donations go to the overall running and maintenance of the Grove, including maintaining our website and covering the cost of rental spaces in the winter months. Food pantries are still not accepting food stuffs, so we ask that you donate money or other acceptable items to a food pantry of your choice. The food pantry Inis Ull usually donates to is West Side Campaign Against Hunger. This is of course completely voluntary. You are still welcome if you can't contribute any material goods.

Directions to the Great Hill: Take the C or local train up Central Park West. Enter from the West Side at 103, 105 or 110 and walk up to the Great Hill. Our Oak Tree is on the North East side of the hill, off the path going down toward the woods (on the opposite side of the hill from the bathrooms). THIS TIME WE WILL BE MEETING AT THE ELM TREE JUST A LITTLE SOUTH OF THE OAK TREE WHERE WE USUALLY MEET. We don’t recommend coming from the east side of the park unless you know your way to the Great Hill.


Saturday September 18, 2021
on the south east side of the Great Hill
Central Park