May Hawk of the Sun: A Celebration of Calan Haf (Bealtaine)

Inis Úll – Apple Isle Grove, ADF cordially invites you to our 2014 Calan Haf (Bealtaine) High Day celebration: May Hawk of the Sun. The ritual will take place on Saturday, May 3rd at 2pm on the Great Hill in Central Park.

The revered Cymraeg hero, Gwalchmei’s name may mean “Hawk of May.” And, as his strength is said to rise and fall with that of the Sun, it is fitting to call upon him as an ally as we enter the season of light. Gwalchmei (known later as Gawain) is of great courage, loyalty and compassion. He ventures forth into the world and wilderness on quests, undertaking what might seem to be impossible to many. The summer is a time of action; with Gwalchmei’s comradeship, that which we may have only dreamed could become reality – provided that we are willing to put our efforts and possibly our very selves on the line!


We will make individual offerings to Gwalchmei (these can be food or drink, poetry or music, oaths, treasured items, praise, etc.). Then, as a group, we will magically concentrate the Sun’s energy into a source of power Gwalchmei may call upon. Afterwards, we shall take an omen to see what sort of quest Gwalchmei wishes to share with us: to accept his blessings, will mean undertaking that work, that adventure with him.

This rite will follow the ADF Core Order of Ritual. All folk of good will are welcome to attend!

IMPORTANT: Please note that any alcoholic offerings MUST be in containers which disguise their real identity. We are exercising our religious rights, but it is best to avoid troubles with the authorities!

We will be asking for donations to help cover our Grove’s costs. Five or ten dollars would help us out greatly – whatever you feel comfortable giving. Your participation is far more valuable than cash.

Someone will guide people who don’t know where our ritual site is from the benches south of the restrooms at the top of the Great Hill in Central Park (this is on the *northwest* part of the hill, across from where we hold our rites). To get there, enter the park via “Strangers Gate” at 106th Street and Central Park West, climb the stairs and, when you get to the top, you’ll see the benches to your left (north) between where you are and the restrooms. We’ll then head across to our ritual area. If you are late: from the restrooms, walk east across the top of the hill – hopefully, the fairies may lead you to us.

Bendithion y Derwyddon!

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