Gloria Yetter: Our Friend, Now Our Honored Ancestor

Druids, Inis Úll has suffered a great loss. Our Grove-mate and my good friend, Gloria Yetter, has finally succumbed to her battle with cancer. She has crossed the divide and, I am sure, has been warmly welcomed by the Ancestors - as Gloria, herself, has now become one of our most Honored Dead, too. Like many of us in the Grove, Gloria shared a deep connection with Brigid; perhaps the Cailleach has chosen to relieve Gloria of her suffering at this time so that she might pass the winter with Brigid deep within the mountain of her safekeeping.

Gloria was an incredibly enthusiastic member of our community. She joined us after I met her at Pagan Pride Day a few years ago, and she contributed so much to Inis Úll until her health prevented her from joining us in person - even then, she was with us in spirit. Whenever I spoke with her, she would ask about all the members of Inis Úll individually and of our Grove activities. Although very weak, she did manage to join us for this past Imbolc - somehow making it up all those stairs at Ripley-Grier…

I was fortunate enough to get to spend a few hours with her last week. Despite everything, her amazing energy was still strong, the flames of Brigid’s smithy blazing within her spirit. She made me promise to say hi to all of you, which I do now. But, perhaps, she might visit you personally in your dreams or in some quiet moment as she wends her way along the paths we will all one day follow. Gloria has asked that some of her ashes be placed in the earth around our ritual oak. It’s clear to me that she has no intention of leaving us; and for that, I am truly grateful.

You might do Gloria and me a great favor: Gloria’s two cats are now in need of a good home. They are litter-mates and are over ten years old. Please, please, please help me find a place of love and warmth for them.


Gloria Yetter
Gloria celebrating with us (middle row, third from right).