Being one of the founders of the group that became the Protogrove that became the Grove of Inis Úll granted me the opportunity of meeting so many of you wonderful folk. I have learned so much from you, and have been inspired to deepen my relationships with the Great Kindreds as a result. That you placed your trust in me to serve as Inis Úll’s first Senior Druid was a tremendous honor and I am still very grateful for that, as I am for the good will we all worked to build within the community.

I am still here. And I am happy to be a resource for those who might wish to delve into the mysteries of Druidic spirituality, for we honor the Kindreds when we help each other along this path. But the particular branch of the path that I currently walk has diverged from that which Inis Úll travels. This is not a right or wrong thing, or good or bad; it just is as it must be. Perhaps these branches will merge again; I do not know. But I do hope that they will cross many times as we wend our way round the wheel of the year, spiraling through time and the many worlds, weaving the beautiful knotwork that the many strands of Druidry is always becoming…

Thank you for taking the time to read this little note. I did not want my absence from Grove events to be a source of any concern. I have nothing but the best of wishes for Inis Úll and for all of you.

Blissings, one and all!