Date for Yule and communicating with - contributing to Inis Ull



Hey folks, the next High Day Ritual will be Yule on Sunday December 22 at 2pm. More details will be posted soon.

At our members annual meeting we will be discussing next year's High Day dates and how we announce these things to the public.

We recently received some feedback concerning the scheduling and announcing of our open rituals and meetings. Please feel free to let us know your ideas and feedback ( before the Members Meeting on Monday November 11 or in the future at any monthly meeting, or at anytime send a message to the officers)

Please keep in mind that the best way to have a voice is the conversation is to become a member of the grove. All are welcome to become members of ADF, which you can find info at To become a member of Inis Ull Apple Isle Grove, you need to be a member of the ADF, and meet the requirements of our grove, which take about a year to complete..