Inis Ull Samhain: Honoring the Cailleach

Great Hill
Central Park
New York, NY 10025
United States

Scottish WhirlpoolIn the wake of three devastating hurricanes (in Texas, Florida and Puerto Rico) and with the Farmers Almanac warning of an especially cold and snowy winter, we turn are attention again to the Celtic Goddess,  Calleach.  Also known in the Scottish tradition as Beira, Queen of Winter, she is an elemental force of nature connected to whirl pools, storms and winter weather.

We honor the Cailleach for our Samhain Rite by focusing on letting go of anything troubling us over this past year.  As she washes the blood off of warriors tartans, making them clean again, we hope to wash away the past year and start the Celtic New Year with a clean slate.

We will also take some time during the offerings to the ancestors t...o call upon our own loved ones, and especially remember those who have passed this past year.  (Feel free to name anyone aloud or make a silent offering, what ever you feel comfortable doing)

This year’s Samhain Rite will be held outside on the Great Hill in Central Park.  The weather looks like it will be in the low 60s, so please wear layers and dress appropriately for the weather.

***** If you bring offerings that are alcoholic, please put them into a non-descript, inconspicuous container *****
ALSO AS A COMMUNITY SERVICE: We’ll be collecting non-perishable food items for Westside Campaign Against Hunger (

And for Grove members: Carolyn will be collecting dues ($9 - $36) for 2017.

Saturday, October 4, 2017  2:00 pm
Great Hill, Central Park (Oak tree northeast side of the Hill)
(Enter west side of the Park at 103rd St., 106th St., or 110th St., walk up to the Hill)

NOTE: in the event of bad weather, we will meet at Park West Café & Deli at W. 108th St. and CPW