Autumn Equinox Rite, Sunday, 9/22, Central Park - Please Join Us!

Great Hill
New York, NY 10025
United States

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Inis Úll - Apple Isle Grove, ADF cordially invites you to…

Autumnal Equinox 2013: “Shape Shifting of the Soul”

Sunday, September 22nd, 3:30pm on the Great Hill in Central Park

Night and Day rest, for a moment, in perfect equality and all of Time and Space balance on the head-of-a-pin that is this Autumnal High Day. What could not be possible at a moment such as this? Cernunnos, Lord of the In-Between presides over the Mystery of this turning point when the dark half of the year looms before us. We shall call upon the Great God to prepare us for the Cosmic Dream Time by transforming our souls into animal form, for Cernunnos is also Lord of Animals. The ancient Celts knew that such transformations were necessary for growth, for healing, and to revive our primal nature which has been too-often compromised by the strictures of society. As a Grove, we shall journey to Cernunnos in the primordial wood where we shall be remade and dance in our new forms.

Join us, all folk of good will, in this ADF High Day rite and magical work! Bring gifts for Cernunnos and any of the great Continental Celtic Kindreds; bring poems and songs, food or drink, objects of beauty or whatever your heart tells you will please those we honor.

IMPORTANT: Please note that any alcoholic offerings MUST be in containers which disguise their real identity. We are exercising our religious rights, but it is best to avoid troubles with the authorities!

We will be asking for donations to help cover our Grove's expenses. Five or ten dollars each would help us out greatly--whatever you feel comfortable giving! Your attendance and participation is more valuable than cash!

The rite will be held at our usual oak on the Great Hill. For new folk who may have trouble finding us, someone will guide you from the benches south of the restrooms at the top of the hill (this is on the *northwest* part of the hill, across from where we hold our rites). To get there, enter the park via "Strangers Gate" at 106th Street and Central Park West, climb the stairs and, when you get to the top, you'll see the benches to your left (north) between where you are and the restrooms. If you are late: from the restrooms, walk east across the top of the hill - hopefully, the fairies will lead you to us!