Inis Ull Lughnasadh High Day Rite!

Great Hill
Central Park
New York, NY 10025
United States

Neolithic NemetonUPDATE: Due to the weather, the rite will take place on Sunday, August 7th at 2pm.

Join Inis Úll—Apple Isle Grove, ADF as we gather to celebrate the First Harvest of the season, named in honor of the great Irish god Lugh Lamfada, the embodiment of the male principle of the Ildanach. As the master of all talents and abilities, he saved his people from those forces which sought to do them harm. At this juncture in our journey around the Wheel of the Year, through personal contact with him, he can help us to harvest our own special talents and abilities from within us not only for our own enhancement, but also so that we may put them to best use for the betterment of those around us; he may also teach us that we possess potential of which we may yet be unaware.

Offerings for Lugh Lamfada or any other deities or kindreds present at the rite are encouraged; feel free to bring them. Please be advised that alcoholic beverages brought as offerings are not officially permitted in Central Park; if you bring them, they must be well disguised.  For those not familiar with our Central Park ritual location, someone will meet you at the benches at the top of the stairs leading into the park from 106th St. and Central Park West; all are invited to adjourn to a nearby pub for refreshment after the rite. Though not required for attendance, any financial contribution toward the ongoing activities of our Grove will be most appreciated. Should inclement weather become an issue, the rite will be moved to 2 PM the next day, Sunday, August 7th.  A notification of this change will be distributed.