Lúnasa High Day Rite: Lugh agus an Stór - Please Join Us!

Great Hill
Central Park
New York, NY 10025
United States

Inis Úll - Apple Isle Grove, ADF cordially invites you to our 2014 Lúnasa High Day rite: Lugh agus an Stór. The ritual will take place on Saturday, August 2nd at 3pm on the Great Hill in Central Park.

Fadó fadó, in the days of the Druids, the folk celebrated the seasonal cycle which saw the young God, Lugh, win the treasure of the harvest from the elder God, Crom Dubh. Crom Dubh would only allow those who could prove their worthiness - measured more by crafty intelligence than physical prowess - to gain the fruits of his labors. Each year, Lugh would arrive on the scene in order to prove this worthiness. Lugh would defeat Crom Dubh in a test of wits and become King for a time, allowing the folk to gather a prosperous harvest. Eventually, Lugh would surrender the crown so that the powerful Crom Dubh could begin amassing treasure for the next year.



Three years ago, our Grove built a bridge to Dún Briste in order to reestablish a relationship with the great God, Crom Dubh. Some of us have continued to work with Crom Dubh and have decided that it is time for the Grove to join the ancient dance of Crom Dubh, Lugh and the treasure of the harvest.

For this High Day, we shall honor Lugh, calling upon him to go forth to Dún Briste and bring back the treasure. We shall rebuild the bridge from our own selves, linking arms and energies to allow Lugh to make the crossing.

Please bring offerings for Lugh: food or drink, poems or songs, objects of beauty, or sacred oaths to make - whatever your heart suggest may be appropriate!

This ritual will follow the ADF Core Order of Ritual. All folk of good will are welcome to attend!

Between now and the rite - especially at the New Moon - consider making offerings to Crom Dubh. This will reinforce our relationship with him and enhance the bounty of his treasure.

IMPORTANT: Please note that any alcoholic offerings MUST be in containers which disguise their real identity. We are exercising our religious rights, but it is best to avoid troubles with the authorities!

We will be asking for donations to help cover our Grove's costs. Five or ten dollars would help us out greatly - whatever you feel comfortable giving. Your participation is far more valuable than cash.

Someone will guide people who don’t know where our ritual site is from the benches south of the restrooms at the top of the Great Hill in Central Park (this is on the *northwest* part of the hill, across from where we hold our rites). To get there, enter the park via "Strangers Gate" at 106th Street and Central Park West, climb the stairs and, when you get to the top, you'll see the benches to your left (north) between where you are and the restrooms. We'll then head across to our ritual area. If you are late: from the restrooms, walk east across the top of the hill - hopefully, the fairies may lead you to us.

A bountiful harvest to all!