Lughnasadh Games

Great Hill
Central Park
New York, NY 10025
United States

Isis Ull Apple Isle Grove would like to invite you to our Lughnasadh celebration on Saturday July 28th 2pm.....Lughnasadh Games!

The first harvest was a time of celebration and festival for the celts. When people from far and wide would gather together and share the fruits of their labor with their neighbors, sell goods and compete in "olympic" like games.

Lugh, the Celtic Sun God, created the Lughnasadh or Tailtui Games in honor of the death of the Great Earth Goddess Taltui. In many parts of Ireland, the tradition of these games and climbing a sacred mountain to make offerings still exist. So climb up to the Great Hill and join us!

If you have any outside games to play, like plastic horse shoes, bean bag tic tac toe or cornhole, or nerf swords to fight, please bring them along. We will take all toys to donate to local kids in need. ( please bring non perishable foods to donate as well and let us know what games you might bring. If it relates to one of Lughs magical tools, even better.)

It's also a Full Moon.

We plan to have fun!

**Bring food, drink, incense, poetry, song, prayers to offer to the Irish Celtic Gods. Please put alcoholic beverages in non descript containers or keep them in a bag.

Lughnasadh Games
Great Hill (north east side enter at 105 and cross over the hill to the oak tree)
Saturday July 28th, 2018

Bright Blessing,