Mid-Summer Rite: Awakening the Shining Self

Great Hill
Central Park
New York, NY 10025
United States

Mid-SummerInis Ull Apple Isle Grove NYC ADF Druid Fellowship invites you to join us for our Mid-Summer Celebration.  This Summer Soltice and Full Moon we will be calling upon Taliesin to help us awaken the Shining Self.

On Samhain 2014, we honored the Goddess Cerredwin, and focused on the transformative power of the story of Gwion Bach who tasted three drops of the magic brew, which gave him wisdom.  He then changed himself into many different animals to try and escape her, but she shape shifted too, and finally swallowed him whole.  She soon gave birth to Taliesin, which may mean "shining brow", the famous Welsh bard.

We are going to now call on Taliesin to awaken the light with in us, that shining part, that creative... part of ourselves.   We often call on our patron Bridget for inspiration, but Taliesin will be helping us cultivate what is already with in us.

Bring the usual offering, but also bring something to offer that represents your creative work, sing a song, read a poem, do a dance, or share your artwork as an offering to Taliesin.

We'll be meeting at our Oak Tree on the North East side of the Great Hill


Sunday June 19, 2016 1pm Our Oak North East Part of the Great Hill Central Park Enter at 103, 106 or 110 and walk up to the Great Hill.  From the  picnic area and bathrooms, walk straight over the hill and veer to the left to the open field and our Oak Tree.