Inis Ull Beltane: Union of the God and Goddess


Great Hill
Central Park
New York, NY 10025
United States

Sacred Marriage

Inis Ull invites you to join us for our Beltane Celebration, the Union of the God and Goddess.  This past year we've been honoring the sacred feminine and sacred masculine separately, but now is the time they come together, and we seek balance between them as they unite.
We'll be calling on the Irish Celtic Deities, Eriu Queen and Goddess of Sovereignty as the Earth, and McGeine King and Son of the Sun.  We will witness the union of the gods as we draw down the sun and draw up the earth to meet in our Oak Tree in Central Park.

Bring ribbons and chords that we will tie around the tree to honor the sacred marriage.

We'll be meeting outside again. (yay!) On the North East side of the Great Hill in Central Park....

**** If you bring offerings that are alcoholic please put them in a non descript inconpicuous container.***

ALSO AS A COMMUNITY SERVICE:  We'll be collecting non perishable items for West Side Campaign Against Hunger.

And for grove members:  Carolyn will be collecting dues ($9-$36) for 2017

Beltane: Union of the God and Goddess
Saturday May 6, 2017  1pm-4pm
Great Hill Central Park (Oak Tree North East side of the hill)
(enter West side of the park at 103 St, 106 St or 110 St walk up to the Hill)