Spring Ritual: Mysteries of Eluesis

Ripley-Grier Studios
520 8th Ave
Floor 16, Room 16 I
New York, NY 10018
United States

Come join Inis Ull Apple Isle Grove for our ADF Spring Ritual: Mysteries of Eluesis.

In Ancient Greece, this was the time of the departure of Persephone. Their dry season was about to begin, and their harvest was at an end. However, because we are in a different climate, we celebrate the essence of the Mysteries as they are expressed in our city.

After we bid farewell to Persephone in the Fall, we now get ready to reunite her with her mother Demeter and welcome the Spring in. We will be living the Homeric Hymn to Demeter, the source of the ancient mysteries, as we welcome all our Kindreds into sacred space.

It was said that any who experienced these Mysteries in Eleusis would not fear death anymore. Unfortunately, as it was punishable by death to reveal the mysteries, we have lost much of what was done. In order to attempt to unite us once again with the deep meanings of these rites, we will be reliving the Myth as we progress through the ritual, culminating in a journey where the Goddesses themselves will show us what is important for us to know.

Join is in Ripley-Grier Studios room number 16 I at 520 8th Ave, New York, NY 10018, on March 19th at 2pm. Bring offerings to the Goddess Persephone, or any other being you'd like to offer to that day! Bring drums, rattles, tambourines, anything to make noise as we raise Persephone from the Underworld!