Imbolc High Day - Honoring Brigid

Ripley-Grier Studios
520 8th Ave
10th Floor, Room 10C
New York, NY 10018
United States

Inis Úll - Apple Isle Grove, ADF cordially invites you to our Gaelic Imbolc High Day working: Brigid & Inis Úll: Empowering the Bond. The rite will take place on Sunday, February 1st, 4p.m. at Ripley-Grier Studios, 520 8th Ave, 10th Floor, Room 10C.

All praise to Brigid! Hail, Great Goddess of the Flowing Well, of Healing, of the Smithy, of the High Holy Places, of Beauty and Inspiration! She who has been with our Grove since its birth, guiding us, inspiring us, prodding us…

Brigid has chosen to honor the Grove with her patronage—a blessing of great honor, power and responsibility…

At this turning of the Wheel, Brigid’s feast of Imbolc, we shall journey to the Goddess’s sacred Nemeton. On behalf of Inis Úll, we shall carry a ring to her: a symbol of the Grove’s conscious commitment to Brigid. There, all may have an audience with the Goddess: to hear and to be heard. We shall return from this journey bearing another ring: one that shall remain an empowered talisman of Brigid’s enduring presence in the Grove’s life and work.

All folk of goodwill are welcome and wanted to help the Grove in this working, to celebrate Brigid on her most special day, and to join us in receiving her blessings. No individual is expected to commit themselves to Brigid; each person’s individual relationship with her is just that: individual. This rite of patronage is between the Grove as an entity and the Goddess.

We ask that everyone bring something to offer Bríd: perhaps a song or poem, an object of beauty, delicious food or drink - whatever your heart tells you she might appreciate! Feel free, too, to bring offerings for any of the Gael Kindreds we shall be inviting to our rite.

Candles (with holders), seasonal decorations and other contributions to our community hearth and altar would be strongly welcomed! Colors for this occasion include white, black and red.

We will be asking for donations ten dollars per person to cover the cost of the rental space. No one will be turned away due to lack of funds - your participation is more valuable than cash!

Special Note: Grove Member’s dues (on a sliding scale of nine to thirty dollars) are due by the Spring Equinox. The Pursewarden will be collecting them at this ritual. Please remember that member dues do NOT cover contributions toward rental space (that’s how we’ve managed to keep them so low). Thanks in advance for helping Inis Úll to thrive!

Peter Coughlin (Carraig)
Senior Druid, Inis Úll—Apple Isle Grove, ADF