Imbolg High Day: Brigid and Her Sacred Well


Yeoryia Studios
2067 Broadway
5th Floor, Othello Room
New York, NY 10023
United States

Bridgit's WellInis Ull Apple Isle Grove of ADF invites you to join us for our Imbolg Celebration working with the healing aspect of the Irish Celtic Goddess Brigid.

Two years ago, our grove asked Brigid to be our patron. We bought 2 silver rings, one to keep and one to give to her. Last year on Beltane May 2016, we were able to fulfill that promise. Grove Member and Purse Warden Carolyn MacLaury traveled to Kildare Ireland and gave the ring to the Goddess at one of her sacred wells.

Brigid is known for her triple aspect of inspiration, skill and healing. We have worked with her inspiration aspect and shared our art and poetry with each other and as offerings to her. Last year, we focused on her skill/smith aspect, blessing the tools of our trade. Now, we will work with her healing aspect. As one of the faces of the Great Mother, Brigid is the light that brings us through the darkness, and the hope to survive the winter.

It is healing from Brigid that will help us to take actions to build a strong foundation for our future and last through the long cold days still ahead.

NOTE THE TIME AND VENUE CHANGE. We had originally planned to start at 1pm and usually go to Ripley Greer Studios, but both uptown and midtown studios were completely booked. NOW MEETING AT 2PM AT YEORYIA STUDIOS

Imbolg High Day
Brigid and Her Sacred Well

Saturday January 28, 2017
2pm - 5pm
Yeoryia Studios
2067 Broadway (at 72nd Street)
5th Floor
Othello Room

1 or 2 train to 72nd Street station.