Bealtaine Rite Location Change

Please Note...

Bealtaine Location Change! Due to the poor weather we are expecting, we are moving the ritual indoors to the Ripley Grier Studios on 72nd Street (this is not the location we have used in recent years). Studio 1F. This is up a fairly substantial flight of stairs. 131 West 72nd St. New York, (Bet. Amsterdam & Columbus) NY 10023
Subways B or C to 72nd Street, 1,2, or 3 line to 72nd Street.

See you all on Sunday at 2pm!


Inis Úll - Apple Isle Grove, ADF cordially invites you to our 2016 Bealtaine High Day celebration, A Door to the Fae: Re-Enchanting the World. The ritual will take place on Sunday, May 1st at Ripley Grier Studios, 131 West 72nd St. New York, (Bet. Amsterdam & Columbus), Studio 1F

Fadó, fadó, the worlds of magic and mystery and that of the mundane were much, much closer. The worlds interpenetrated each other and shared their special qualities so that all might thrive. Over time, the forces of the now-dominant culture pushed the realm of the Fae further and further away; they built the walls between the worlds high and strong. As a Grove, we have striven to make allies with the Fae, pledging to stand with them, and journeying into their world to receive their inspiration and friendship. Increasingly, the omens have pointed to a time in which our work would be to bring the magic and mystery of the realm of the Fae into mundanity, to re-enchant the day-to-day world for ourselves and for all who dwell here. The omens have spoken: this Bealtaine is that time.

We shall undertake this quest by constructing a door between the worlds. Physically, the door will be made of ribbon. We shall work with the Fae to empower this door, to make its dimensions multiply well beyond the physical. Once empowered, we shall cross the threshold and commune with the Fae, pledging to become doorways ourselves, both individually and as a Grove. After our journey, we will take down the physical door and cut the ribbon into pieces, one for each of us. The pieces of ribbon will remain charged; they will be magical tools and talismans and symbols of our pledge. With them, we shall go forward and bring enchantment in ways small and large to the world in which we live.

This Gael Hearth Culture rite will follow the ADF Core Order of Ritual. All folk of good will are welcome to attend!

Please bring offerings for the Fairy Folk and any of the great Gael Kindreds. Food and drink and songs and poems and beautiful things are all appropriate gifts to give at this time. If you wish, you may bring other magical tools or symbols to help serve as a lasting door to help carry out your personal work of re-enchantment.

We will be asking for donations to help cover our Grove's costs. Five or ten dollars would help us out greatly - whatever you feel comfortable giving. Your participation is far more valuable than cash.

131 West 72nd St. New York, (Bet. Amsterdam & Columbus) NY 10023
Subways B or C to 72nd Street, 1,2, or 3 line to 72nd Street. Studio 1F. Please RSVP directly or here:


Carraig (Peter Coughlin)

Bealtaine Rite Coordinator, Inis Úll - Apple Isle Grove, ADF