Bealtaine Gratitude

Bealtaine 2016 OfferingsMy deepest thanks to all who participated in Inis Úll’s Bealtaine High Day celebration, A Door to the Fae: Re-Enchanting the World—and that includes those who attended in spirit!

While we may have been disappointed that the weather drove us indoors, we did end up in a room fortuitously color-coordinated with the door to Fairy we constructed. The gloominess of the day outside did not dampen the joyous feeling I and others felt in the working. Indeed, the Fairies spoke to us in the omen of a gloominess that is transcended by a magical inspiration, calling others and the world around us to take up new perspectives and promote positive change. The Other Folk, the Good Neighbors, the Sidhe seemed well pleased with our commitment to work with them to engender re-enchantment, closing the gap between their realm and ours.

We now carry parts of that doorway with us and can connect with Fairy in new and powerful ways in our daily lives. Let us use that magic to bring joy and transformation for ourselves, for the society we live in, and for all beings in the many worlds.

I feel honored and blessed to have been able to share this rite with all of you!


Carraig (Peter)

Bealtaine High Day Rite Coordinator,

Inis Úll—Apple Isle Grove, ADF