Autumn Equinox Rite Date and Day of Service

Dear Inis Úllians and Friends,

The Grove’s Executive committee has come to the conclusion that it would be best to move the date of our planned Autumn Equinox rite to Saturday, September 20th at 2pm.

We feel that our Grove would best serve the local pagan community by not having our ritual on the same day as the massive “People’s Climate March”. Our members and friends can now participate in both. In addition, the march’s expected 200,000 attendees may make getting around Manhattan on that particular day quite difficult.

We do apologize to those who have already made plans; this is an extraordinary situation.

The date and time of the planning meeting remains unchanged: this Sunday, September 7th at 2pm.

Furthermore, the Executive Committee has designated the date of the march to be a day of Grove community service. The focus of this service shall be the protection of the Earth Mother and all her children from the potentially devastating effects of climate change. We call upon all Grove members and friends to take some action that day with such an intent. Joining the march is one way to accomplish this. Other methods include prayers, personal or small group rituals, magic, journey work, discussions, etc. (please do share any additional ideas with the rest of us!).

Blessings to all!

Peter Coughlin (Carraig), Senior Druid,

on behalf of the Executive Committee of Inis Úll – Apple Isle Grove, ADF