Autumn Equinox Gratitude

Anam Cairde, I felt truly blessed to celebrate the Autumn Equinox with many of you this past Sunday. It was a truly amazing ritual and my special thanks go to Spike for guiding us to meet Cernunnos and those particular, individual animal aspects of out souls or spirit guides. Personally, I am looking forward to working with Raccoon over the dark half of the year and I hope that we all learn and grow over the months ahead.Of course, the omen did point to journeys we must take - whether physical or spiritual - as the Wheel turns. There are things we must surrender: we must be prepared to “sell our coats and by betony”; all in order to strengthen ourselves for the long haul. Cernunnos and the Kindreds will be there to help us - mostly in incremental ways that seem small at first, but grow exponentially over time - should we choose to take on the work.

Our dear friend Puck had an impact on the rite as well. Yes, we honored him as our newest Ancestor - but he, too honored us: I am sure I am not the only one who felt his very real presence at the rite! And, that he chose such a long and significant story for me to read is a gift we all were able to share.

Thank you all!