July 2018

Change of venue for Lughnasadh

We have decided to change the venue for Lughnasadh ritual.

Because of the chance for rain and the uncomfortable combination of high humidity and heat (mugginess) we are now going to meet at Ripley-Grier Studios, 520 8th Ave. 16th floor, room 16P. We gather at 2:00pm.

We look forward to seeing you on Saturday at Ripley - Grier Studios.

Lughnasadh Games

Great Hill
Central Park
New York, NY 10025
United States

Isis Ull Apple Isle Grove would like to invite you to our Lughnasadh celebration on Saturday July 28th 2pm.....Lughnasadh Games!

The first harvest was a time of celebration and festival for the celts. When people from far and wide would gather together and share the fruits of their labor with their neighbors, sell goods and compete in "olympic" like games.