July 2014

Please Honor Crom Dubh!

Dear Druids,

As I mentioned in my invitation to the Lughnasadh rite, it would help build the bounty reaped if we were to make offerings to or otherwise honor Crom Dubh beforehand - especially around the time of the New Moon, which is now!

Crom Dubh
Artist: Bryan Perrin

Summer Solstice Rite Gratitude

Thanks to all who participated in Inis Úll’s  Summer Solstice High Day rite: Bandia na Gréine.

It was quite an interesting ritual; and I must say that I’m still processing it. Clearly, the sense of something hindering Lachna was confirmed in more ways that one: three people who were scheduled to take important roles were too sick to attend; two others had unusual delays in getting to the site; one person who wanted to attend could neither find us nor be found by us; clouds attempted to block the Sun during the reception of blessings, which were carried by the Sun’s rays…