Welcome to our new friends from Pagan Pride Day!

Sage (a.k.a, Nate) and I (Peter or Carraig or Baldy) had a great time talking to you all at the wonderful event last week – and we’re very glad you decided to sign up for our newsletter!

Most of our events are open to all folk of good will. Yes, that includes you! Our next meeting is scheduled for Saturday, October 12th at 3pm in Central Park; this will be the planning meeting for our Samhain High Day ritual. Details are elsewhere within this mailing. I’d love it if you’d consider joining us.

Volunteer to help Pagan Pride Day

The Grove will have a table at Pagan Pride Day; it will be super awesome if you come by and help spread the word about our practices to interested and interesting people. If you are feeling super service oriented, you can volunteer with NYC-Pagan Pride Project. They have expressed a need for people to help early in the morning to help vendors set up for the event, but certainly there are other tasks that could use a Druid's touch!

A Question about Study Groups

We have had moderate success holding a regular study group this year. It was much better before the summer slammed into us and then suddenly everyone wanted to go outside and enjoy the warm weather and stuff. Who could ever imagine!?!  So now that the seasons are beginning to turn, schools are back in session and society is turning towards inside productivity, let us join in and get the band back together.

Hello World!

Welcome Druids of New York City! The Inis Ull-Apple Isle ADF Grove now has a website. There is lots of work to be done here, but hopefully this can become the new hub of our community's communications and interfacing with the world of information.