Outline for Our Lughnasadh Rite


I've uploaded the outline for our Lughnasadh ritual. The rite will take place this Saturday, August 2nd, at 3pm on the Great Hill in Central Park.

Please bring a cup or chalice in order to receive the blessings. Let us deepen our commitment to honoring the Earth by limiting the use of disposables!

I hope to see many of you there!



Please Honor Crom Dubh!

Dear Druids,

As I mentioned in my invitation to the Lughnasadh rite, it would help build the bounty reaped if we were to make offerings to or otherwise honor Crom Dubh beforehand - especially around the time of the New Moon, which is now!

Crom Dubh
Artist: Bryan Perrin

Summer Solstice Rite Gratitude

Thanks to all who participated in Inis Úll’s  Summer Solstice High Day rite: Bandia na Gréine.

It was quite an interesting ritual; and I must say that I’m still processing it. Clearly, the sense of something hindering Lachna was confirmed in more ways that one: three people who were scheduled to take important roles were too sick to attend; two others had unusual delays in getting to the site; one person who wanted to attend could neither find us nor be found by us; clouds attempted to block the Sun during the reception of blessings, which were carried by the Sun’s rays…

Bandia na Gréine - Summer Solstice, 2014

Greetings, Druids!

The ritual outline for our Summer Solstice rite can be found below or as a document in the media library of this site.

I hope to see many of you Sunday!




Bandia na Gréine - Summer Solstice, 2014

Sunday, June 22nd, 1pm

The Great Hill in Central Park





I. Call to Gather _____

II. Musical Signal _____

III. Lighting the Sacred Hearth Fire Carraig/All

Summer Solstice Rite Planning Meeting

Great Hill
New York, NY 10025
United States

Please join Inis Úll - Apple Isle Grove, ADF on Sunday, June 1st at 1pm as we plan our Druidic High Day rite for the Summer Solstice (the ritual, itself, will take place on Sunday, June 22nd). At this meeting we shall create a ritual of great profundity and joy - yes, really! All ideas welcome! No experience necessary!! Your participation will be greatly appreciated! (Please bring spare exclamation marks as I’m running out!) Also, if you have any questions regarding ADF or Druidry in general, we'd be happy to discuss those at this meeting as well.

Bealtaine Gratitude

Many thanks to all who participated in our Calan Haf (Bealtaine) High Day Rite: May Hawk of the Su - it was a beautiful day and a truly moving ceremony! I do think that Gwalchmei was pleased by our efforts. The omen suggested that we need to venture forth, to leave behind the fixed defenses we had enclosed ourselves within. Gwalchmei has invited us to quest with him during this season of light and action.