Seeking the Cauldron of Knowledge


Inis Ull Apple Isle Grove invites you to join us for our Samhain Celebration “Seeking the Cauldron of Knowledge”. We will be working with the Celtic Welsh Goddess Cerridwen as she finds the herbs needed through the year to make her magic potion of wisdom and knowledge.

It is the Celtic New Year, so we will be releasing the old and looking forward to the new. What will the Goddess’ cauldron hold for you?

Our Wheel of the Year holidays are open to all. We encourage participation, but there is no pressure.

Bring some herbs to receive the blessings.

Fall Equinox: Creating the World


Join Inis Ull Apple Isle Grove for our online Autumn Equinox Ritual “Creating the World” on Saturday September 19, 2020 2-5pm EST. We will be honoring Odin, Vili and Ve from the Norse Pantheon. These three brothers slew the Giant Ymir (Primal Chaos) and from Ymir’s body created the earth,

The world feels chaotic right now, so we are working with Odin, Vili and Ve in hopes of creating something new in ourselves, our grove and the world.

ADF Inis Ull Scottish Lunastal


Come join Inis Ull Apple Isle Grove for the cross quarter Celtic Holiday, as we celebrate Lughnasad with the Scottish ancestors called Lunastal.                  

There are stories of Patrick battling Crom Dubh in order to get the grain that is used for all kinds of food at this harvest time.  It is believed that Patrick substituted Lugh ( the God of Light) in the battle with Crom  Dubh (the God of Darkness).  We will join Lugh or Lug as he wins the grain from the earth.    

Inis Ull/Apple Isle Grove Summer Solstice Ritual Celebration



Come join Inis Ull Apple Island Grove for our Summer Solstice Ritual. We will call upon Apollo the Greek Sun God, whose arrows bring plague as well as healing. We will appeal to Apollo for healing and health as we face the global pandemic of Covid19.

A paean is an ancient song/poem or ritual offered to the god to appeal for healing and give praise and thanks. According to the Ancient Greeks, plague comes from humans incurring the wrath of the Gods. Our paean is an offering to Apollo to appease him and ask him for help to overcome this pandemic.

Ar nDraiocht Fein response to the death of George Floyd

In light of the recent death of George Floyd the Mother Grove is resolved to explicitly and publicly re-affirm our identity as an anti-racist group. Ar nDraiocht Fein does not condone or approve of any form of racism. We believe that all humans deserve equal rights and are devastated by the actions that have occurred this week. We mourn with the family and friends of those who have lost their lives. We stand as allies and friends.

Inis Ull/Apple Grove Beltane Celebration - Epona and Sovereignty of the land


Join us to celebrate Beltane with the horse goddess of the Gauls: Epona. Horse goddesses are recognized throughout the Indo-European world as goddesses of the sovereignty of the land. And during this time of year, the land is once again awake and full of life.

We will meet on Sunday, May 3rd at 2:00 pm via Zoom. We will have a meditation on horses, where you will be asked to draw out what you see. Please bring a pen/cil and paper, as well as any offerings you may wish to give at your home altar.

Our Summer Solstice ritual will be on June 20th at 2pm. Mark your calendars!

Inis Ull/Apple Grove Weekly Check In



Come join us on Thursday for a chat. Bring your favorite drink/cocktail, and a snack and come connect with friends. We talk about how things are going and how we are surviving the CoVid 19 pandemic. I look forward to seeing you soon,

Topic: Inis Ull/Apple Grove Weekly Check in
Time: Apr 23, 2020 07:00 PM Eastern Time (US and Canada)

Inis Ull/Apple Grove Weekly Check In


Pour yourself your favorite drink and come join us for our weekly check in. This is an opportunity to share how you are doing in this new normal. This zoom meeting helps us to remain connected to each other and to sustain our community during this pandemic.

Carolyn MacLaury is inviting you to a scheduled Zoom meeting.

Topic: Carolyn MacLaury's Zoom Meeting
Time: Apr 16, 2020 07:30 PM Eastern Time (US and Canada)